Measuring Performance and Renumeration

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how you can use SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics to improve your decision-making and reward high-performing employees correctly.

High performance is a key driver of organizational success, but how can you effectively recognize and reward top performers?

Speakers: Erik Ebert, Solution Advisor | Andre Fonseca, People Analytics Lead

Your people are both your biggest expense and your biggest source of value. Your reward budgets are limited. How do you balance the need to reward your workforce and meet market trends while protecting your financial situation? Your business leaders are asking questions and need answers in real time: Are people leaving due to better remuneration possibilities elsewhere? Are we paying our people according to market rates? Which employees are underpaid and which are possibly overpaid? Do we have a gender pay gap that we need to close? Is our sales performance remuneration scheme supporting proper business behavior?

Rewarding your employees at the right level at the right time requires solid data and insights. When implementing your reward strategy SAP SuccessFactors Compensation Management and SAP Sales Commissions have the solutions you need. Through SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics you have the insights platform you need to deliver decision data to your leaders when they need it.

People Analytics for compensation holds many promises if done right. Your business performance and results will be improved through the following:

  • Rewarding the business performance that matters

  • Linking goals, performance, and merit adjustments

  • Supporting equal pay for equal value

  • Closure of the gender pay gap

About Effective People

Effective People believes that the best-run businesses focus on utilizing their technology to support their people - not the other way around. We help our clients plan and execute successful digital transformation journeys while offering continued support and application management services. We cover all HR processes, with SAP SuccessFactors as the foundation, and help companies utilize analytics to make better people decisions.

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