ISO Standards for HR Reporting

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics can help you become compliant with the ISO Standard for HR Reporting and support your ESG initiatives.

Watch this webinar to learn how you can use SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics to become compliant with the ISO Standard for HR Reporting.

Speakers: Solution Advisor: Erik Ebert | People Analytics Lead: Gabriel Mota

Duration: 45 minutes

The domain of HR reporting has evolved tremendously over the past years. From being siloed and process-specific to cross-process connections. From small, discrete data sets to complex connected data sets utilizing rich data and massive databases.

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is an independent, international standard development organization composed of representatives from the 168 national standards organizations of member countries. The ISO has developed and published standards in a vast range of areas now also including HR Reporting. Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance (ESG) is another topic that is on the rise. For the people function this adds extra metrics that need to be monitored and reported on. Combining ISO Standards and ESG is important to do right so that it becomes a value driver and not another admin activity aimed at checking some boxes on a regular basis. In this webinar, learn about:

  • What is the ISO Standard for HR Reporting

  • How do you create an HR Metric framework that is aligned with the ISO standard?

  • What are the benefits of adhering to an ISO standard in HR Reporting

  • How do you adopt the ISO:30414 standard for HR Reporting with SAP SuccessFactors

  • What are the pillars of ESG Reporting

  • How to turn ESG into value internally and not just a legally required activity

  • How to use SAP SuccessFactors to support ESG Reporting

Learn how to utilize SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics to improve decision-making, become compliant with the ISO Standard for HR Reporting, and support your ESG initiatives.

About Effective People

Effective People believes that the best-run businesses focus on utilizing their technology to support their people - not the other way around. We help our clients plan and execute successful digital transformation journeys while offering continued support and application management services. We cover all HR processes, with SAP SuccessFactors as the foundation, and help companies utilize analytics to make better people decisions.

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