EP Parental Leave Calculator: SAP Business Technology Platform Extension for SuccessFactors

This extension automates parental leave management to ensure accurate and fair compensation for your employees.

The Challenge: Complex and Manual Parental Leave Administration

Administering parental leave entitlements can be a challenging task for many organizations. HR administrators must spend a lot of time manually calculating intricate leave entitlements involving various segments and changing payouts. This often results in inefficiencies and delays in managing leave requests. Additionally, navigating the complex maternity rules and regulations requires specialized knowledge that not all HR staff possess. This can lead to errors, employee dissatisfaction, and potential compliance issues.

Due to these challenges, we identified a need for a simplified approach to updating leave entitlements in SAP SuccessFactors, without relying heavily on HR or specialized expertise.

The Solution: EP Parental Leave Calculator

EP Parental Leave Calculator is a user-friendly tool that automates the process of calculating paternal leave entitlements. By generating precise dates and payout information based on the expected birth delivery date, HR administrators can save valuable time and effort. This SAP SuccessFactors extension is designed to adapt to changing parental laws and regulations, ensuring that companies stay compliant.

Whether it's managing parental leave before or after birth, the EP Parental Leave Calculator provides a streamlined approach to leave management. HR administrators can easily navigate through the system and make necessary adjustments as needed, supporting organizations to efficiently manage parental leave.

Watch a demonstration of EP Parental Leave Calculator in action.

Business Impact: Streamlined Parental Leave Administration

EP Parental Leave Calculator can transform a task that previously took hours into just seconds. By integrating this tool with SAP SuccessFactors, organizations can streamline entire parental leave management processes, from tracking employee leave requests to managing pay and benefits. With a reduced administrative workload and HR operational costs, HR teams can focus on more strategic and value-added tasks, driving business success.

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About the author

Pratibha Sethi is the Head of SAP BTP Services at Effective People.

Pratiba is an innovative, technically inclined, and passionate integration architect with over 13 years of systems architecture and delivery experience.​

Pratibha has experience in successfully architecting, consulting, and executing large-scale implementations, rollouts business transformations, and modernization projects. Her expertise is within Boomi, SAP Cloud Platform Integration, SAP HCM/ERP, and project management.

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