Grundfos' Global HR Revolution

Learn about Grundfos' journey to HR transformation with a worldwide launch of SuccessFactors Employee Central, enhancing employee engagement and data integrity across the globe.


Grundfos, a Danish pump manufacturer, engaged Effective People in 2019 to implement SuccessFactors Employee Central to replace their legacy SAP HCM On-Prem solution. SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central was implemented to achieve a global and integrated experience across the organization. The solution was rolled out to 67 countries, impacting 19,000 employees, and included several integrations and employee self-service capabilities.


The Effective People team implemented basic Employee Central functionality using standard migration and set up standard replication from Employee Central to SAP HCM and integrations with SAP HCM, SAP Finance, SuccessFactors BizX, and SuccessFactors LMS. Effective People also updated Grundfos’ existing Talent Modules to ensure they could survive and be processed on Employee Central master data.

Business Impact

Grundfos is moving from a central data and maintenance process to a decentralized setup, which allows for much-needed self-service for managers and employees. The journey aims to optimize and simplify many processes moving toward global inclusion. This shift will empower the company with improved, high-quality data across the globe, maximizing business results. The Employee Central implementation, including the first phase of self-service, was completed with great success. Additional localization requirements to support regional payroll systems and additions to self-service will be rolled out soon.


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Streamlined data across 67 countries

Three validated learning management systems were integrated with existing EC instances

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Decreased errors throughout the Hyper care period

Compliance training now meets legal requirements

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Implemented first round of self-service capabilities to assist 19,000

Compliance training now meets legal requirements

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