Lundbeck's 'Big Bang' Approach to SuccessFactors

Read about Lundbeck's ambitious digital transformation project.

To better support the HR functions that enable its employees to do their best work, Lundbeck required a global upgrade and alignment of its HR technology. Lundbeck stakeholders chose SuccessFactors as its central HR platform, requiring a full suite implementation and migration from its collection of legacy tools.


Due to the scope of the project, delivering full migration and numerous integrations was challenging. Effective People worked with Lundbeck to ensure that the goals and scope were pre-defined and delivered to a high degree of quality. Originally, Lundbeck had different decentralized HR systems that were complicated to operate as well as extract analytical data from. Furthermore, most of its performance data were executed via Excel and none of its existing solutions had self-service features.


It was determined that Effective People would complete the implementation of Employee Central, Recruiting, Performance Management, Learning Management, Onboarding, and Compensation with replication to SAP on-premise and several other integrations to third-party applications. A “big bang approach” was agreed upon, as Lundbeck wanted to roll out functionality to a large population at once.

It was important to stakeholders that the SuccessFactors platform be deployed as the single point of access for employee information, enabling faster and easier transactions. The organization also wanted employees to be able to adopt the new technology quickly and integrate it into their daily routines.

This meant a focus on organizational change management for the implementation. A typical challenge when implementing a new IT system can be a lack of focus on organizational change management. If it isn’t prioritized, the new system might never be successfully integrated into employees’ daily work. In this case, however, Lundbeck top management has been highly engaged throughout the process of implementing SuccessFactors, which, in turn, has created a significant feeling of ownership of the new system among employees.

Business Impact

The SuccessFactors suite supports Lundbeck’s 5,700+ employees, covering 50 countries, and is Pharmaceutical GxP compliant. The project ensures a single point of access for all employee information, enabling faster and easier transactions. With mobile access, employees can connect anytime from anywhere, and simpler tools provide a seamless user experience for employees, managers, and new hires. Lundbeck can now focus on business growth with reduced complexity and increased speed and efficiency, thanks to empowered line managers and data-enabled HR partners.

  • 98% of all employees complete their performance process and mid-year review within the given time frame

  • Lundbeck’s HR Management System, People Point, creates a lot of traffic within Lundbeck and is the second most used site by Lundbeck employees

  • With SuccessFactors, Lundbeck has progressed from several different decentralized HR systems into one global HR system that’s used by both white- and blue-collar employees, ensuring that employees have similar evaluation processes and experiences

Looking forward, Lundbeck has big plans for their SuccessFactors usage, including integrating the SAP Workforce Analytics module. Within SuccessFactors, it’s now working toward changing manual processes into automated processes, with the help of reliable system data. Lundbeck plans to transition from a reporting approach to a predictive analytical approach and is working on aligning its compensation cycle to ensure that SuccessFactors supports the organization globally.

“There has been a huge acceptance and interest from our top management regarding the implementation of SuccessFactors, which runs through the whole organization and creates a feeling of ownership. We are really privileged that we have a CEO who is dedicated to using the new system to drive her own processes forward e.g., performance evaluation on direct reports.”
Ditte Lindboe Senior Director of People Processes & Operations at Lundbeck

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