Coloplast's Global HR Strategy

Discover Coloplast's approach to global HR management, utilizing SAP SuccessFactors for centralized recruitment and performance, enhancing managerial capabilities.

Coloplast develops products and services that make life easier for people with personal and private medical conditions, with solutions for ostomy care, urology, continence care, and wound and skin care. The business is globally headquartered in Humlebæk, Denmark with North American headquarters based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and employs more than 12,000 people.


Coloplast has worked intensively to embed a strong culture of performance management and needed a solution to drive global transparency and to benchmark and enable managers to have one solution for performance-related information. It wanted to make it easier for staff to deliver accurate, timely, and informed people insights by offering one consolidated system and uniform structure to facilitate its performance management framework, called People Cycle.

Coloplast was also growing on a global scale, and needed a global recruitment solution that was user-friendly for both applicants and managers. The hiring solution needed to support Coloplast’s branding and value proposition to attract the best talent and optimize internal processes for recruiting.


Coloplast conducted a thorough RFP process and Effective People was chosen as the preferred vendor for HRIS software and implementation. The software chosen was SuccessFactors and included:

The project was sponsored, owned, and managed by Coloplast Global HR and Corporate IT as a global project operating from Humlebæk. The small team of HR project members came from several countries where Coloplast operates, covering sales, marketing, and manufacturing, and worked closely with the IT team from integration to project support.

The program went live, starting with SuccessFactors Performance Management, to over 4,500 employees in 30+ countries and in seven languages. Coloplast achieved a 50% rate of engagement within two weeks of going live, which grew to a 100% rate of engagement within three months. Engagement was defined as launching the performance review form locally to kick off the processes.

Using SAP SuccessFactors as an HR platform was new to Coloplast and some of the process flows were optimized during the implementation. Therefore, the change impact on the organization was significant and this was managed carefully by Coloplast Global HR. It used HR business partners in countries and business units to implement the solution locally. Global HR:

  • Provided tailor-made training material that could be easily translated

  • Provided an identical test instance that allowed for training

  • Set up five training hubs globally for over 45 HR business partners so that they could learn the system together and engage in discussions to execute with best practice


The project was successfully implemented on time and on budget and has provided a one-stop portal for managers through the recruitment and performance management processes. All project KPIs were met and, in some cases, exceeded.

Project KPIs:

  • Increase People Development Process compliance from 80% to 95% within a year

  • Increase global people review transparency from 50% to 80% within a year

  • Increase global transparency of people talent pipeline (High Performance & High Performers with Potential) for level D & E grades from 80% to 100% within a year

“Not only did we meet our strategic objectives for the project, but the organization really appreciated the ease and user-friendliness of the system. ”
Dinusha De Silva-Parker Head of Global HR Organizational Development at Coloplast

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